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Customization and Personalization
  • Control word length up to 2000 words
  • Personalize tone - ensure content doesn't sound robotic
  • Automatic product upsells within content
  • Edit article outline to control H2s and facts within each section
  • Fast revisions to existing articles
Deeper research on your topic
  • Real-time Google Search integration
  • Information after 2021 (live Google searches)
  • Fact citations & external links to real websites
  • Related keyword (LSI) generation
  • Custom research links
  • Block competitor domains
  • Publish to WordPress directly
  • Create multiple articles in the background
  • Automatic external link embedding
  • Article translations in 12 languages
  • Website scan for content suggestions
  • Use GPT-4
Trust & Security
  • Control and change citations and external links
  • Integrated plagiarism checker
  • Privacy assurance: user data and content data not shared

Better than ChatGPT

PredraftAI is the most powerful AI tool on the market for SEO




Research Capabilities

Automatic Google search built-in for every article. Latest data and information.

Limited up to 2021

Limited up to 2021

Tone Control

Completely customizable and can be trained on existing content.

Sounds like a robot. Overly cautious and apologetic.

Customizable but not trainable.

Factual Accuracy

High accurate with citations and external links provided in-line.

Routinely hallucinates false information to inaccurate results

Requires you to provide topic research


You own your output and can use it for any legal use. Plagiarism checker integrated.

Can reproduce copyrighted works verbatim without warning.

You own the output and contains a plagiarism checker.


All information entered is kept private and NOT provided to other users or competitors.

Your data is used to train other models, unless you disable history completely.

Your data may be used to train other models.


Revise without arguing. Our prompts control the AI without letting it forget information.

Frequently misinterprets prompts, breaking up your article. Limited context - frequently forgets earlier conversation.

Often requires chatting with Jasper - slower and more involved.

Bulk Creation

Submit multiple articles at once while articles build in the background. Get an email when it's done.

One prompt for one article at a time. Can't leave the page.

Supported but lacks end-to-end automated flow.

Read Sample Articles

Below are articles created by PredraftAI, completely unedited
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Using Identity Resolution to Enhance Ad Audiences

In today's digital advertising landscape, the concepts of identity...

Cover Image
Yoga in Ilwaco Washington

Welcome to RiversZen Real People Fit, a fitness and wellness company nestled in the heart of Ilwaco, Washington....

Cover Image
Calm and Confident: How to Manage Anxiety During Pregnancy

Anxiety during pregnancy is a common occurrence and can be caused by various factors including...

Research and Draft SEO Content Faster

create article
AI Generated Articles

Our focus guidance algorithm keeps you on track, ensuring your content remains relevant and targeted. Avoid straying from the core subject with our exclusive 'exclude guidance'.

article suggestions
Suggested Articles

Boost your content's uniqueness by integrating proprietary information, recent events, and personal insights. Stand out in search engine results and engage your audience better.

external links
Auto Embedded External Links

Let take care of writing and grammar while you focus on your ideas. Experience the ease of creating content without the hassle of editing or complaints.

revise article
Web Scraping and Rewrite

Automated tools to help you craft impressive SEO articles at a breakneck pace. Add external links to your generated article with a built in link builder.

Already Loved by Early Adopters

A Content Marketing Manager

" is a great tool for content marketing managers. It helps me get publishable content in literally minutes without the overhead of managing contractors. Plus the outlines are useful as content briefs for my writers."

A Freelance Writer

"This is a gamechanger for freelance writers. I take on twice as many jobs at a time now and work a lot less. Way fewer back and forths because I make the inputs really good instead of typing as fast as I can to hit the wordcount. So much better."

An SEO Consultant

"I now sell writing services as part of my SEO strategy services because it's so easy to produce the content. In general, my strategy is more effective with more accurately written articles so this is a win-win."

Easy to Use, Batteries Included

SEO Supercharged

Trained on millions of articles, our AI doesn't just generate content, it weaves SEO magic into every line. No hocus pocus, just results!

Your Special Sauce

Spice up the research outline with your secret ingredients. Because your unique insights are the caviar to your content canapés.

Plagiarism Free Zone

Our integrated plagiarism checker keeps your content as unique as a unicorn in a field of horses. Authenticity? Check!

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

No more drumming your fingers on the desk. With, you'll have your content quicker than you can say 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'.

Forever-Free Tier

Our forever-free tier is just that - free forever. And no, we won't ask for your credit card. Pinky promise!

Tone It Up (or Down)

You're the maestro here! Control the tone of your content to hit the right notes with your audience. Make it as funky or formal as you wish.

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