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Kickstart your journey with and simplify content creation.

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Generate articles on any topic

Customizable content outlines

Unlimited article outlines and faqs

Up to 2 articles/month

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Experience advanced AI-powered tools designed for serious writers.

Unlimited Access


Everything in Starter Plan, plus:

Unlimited article creation

Publish directly to Wordpress

Automatic citations links

Expert Plan

Rank higher with relevant internal links in your content based on your site scan.

Internal Links


Everything in Pro Plan, plus:

Auto-embed internal links

Publish to self-hosted Wordpress

Duplicate content detector

Enterprise Plan

Streamlined for peak efficiency with advanced sharing and team integration.



Everything in Expert Plan, plus:

3 users included

Unlimited additional seats

Scheduled posts


CSV bulk upload

Custom CMS Integration

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Article Limit

Word count is never limited

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Research Outline

Research outlines with up to date factual information, H2s, bullets, etc.

Unlimited creation. No editing.

Unlimited with Edits

Unlimited with Edits

Unlimited with Edits

Related Article Suggestions

Specific keyword and topic ideas related to your content

Real Google Searches

Realtime information about your topic integrated from Google

Keyword Finder

Keyword suggestions based on your website or product

Cover Images

Relevant cover images with commercial use license

Embedded Citation Links

Rank higher with external links to high quality citable sources

Tone Personalization

Train the AI to write in your tone and voice by pasting a link to your content

Wordpress Integration

Seamlessly publish articles to your Wordpress site

Publish to

Publish to

Publish to

Internal Linking

AI-powered internal linking for deeper article connections and enhanced SEO

Duplicate Content Detector

Detect duplicate content to ensure optimal SEO performance

Account Sharing

Share your account with team members for easy collaboration

Includes 3 seats

Scheduled Posts

Plan and automate your content in advance


Organize your articles with ease

CSV Bulk Upload

Upload CSV files to generate multiple articles simultaneously

Custom CMS Integration

Integrate smoothly with your existing CMS setup

Already Loved by Early Adopters

A Content Marketing Manager

" is a great tool for content marketing managers. It helps me get publishable content in literally minutes without the overhead of managing contractors. Plus the outlines are useful as content briefs for my writers."

A Freelance Writer

"This is a gamechanger for freelance writers. I take on twice as many jobs at a time now and work a lot less. Way fewer back and forths because I make the inputs really good instead of typing as fast as I can to hit the wordcount. So much better."

An SEO Consultant

"I now sell writing services as part of my SEO strategy services because it's so easy to produce the content. In general, my strategy is more effective with more accurately written articles so this is a win-win."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is is an AI powered writing assistant that helps you write SEO articles faster and better. It uses the latest in natural language processing to generate articles based with links to research. Unlike other AI writers, Predraft is specfically built to produce SEO optimized content and avoid plagiarism or false information.

How does work?

Just go to our home page ( and enter a keyword or topic you want to write about. Watch it research and generate your article in front of you, and then edit anything you'd like, or ask for a revision.

How much does cost?

Everyone starts on the Free Plan which gives you 2 articles for free with a lot of features included. You can start without creating an account. To save your work, you'll be able to create a free account. The premium plans offer unlimited content creation with other advanced features for people who want their content to stand out.

What's your refund policy?

We want to keep costs as low as possible which means we do not offer refunds. However, that's why we offer a lifetime free plan so you try Predraft to your heart's content without paying anything. Subscribing to a plan will charge you upfront for the next month, and then monthly after that. You will receive a reminder email near the end of your month before being charged for the next month.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Click the Account button in the top right and then click the Cancel Subscription button. You will still have access to your subscription until the end of your billing period but will not be charged again. Once your month has run out, you'll automatically be put back on the free plan.

Is there a trial period?

Yes, we offer a 7-day free trial for our Pro Plan. A credit card is required to start the trial, but you won't be charged until the trial period ends. After the trial, you can choose to continue with the Pro Plan or switch to our Starter Plan which is free forever.

How do I request a new feature or report a bug?

Email us at and we'll respond within 1 business day. And thank you! We love hearing ideas and feedback from our users.

Is the Expert Plan worth it?

Yes if you're producing highly researched content for clients, or if you need to produce a large amount of content for an SEO blog. The Expert Plan gives you features that no one else offers. For example, we scrape your existing site, find all the articles and learn the style and tone of those to match for future predraft articles. You can get revisions to those existing articles and get personalized suggestions for new ones.

Are there any extra charges?

There are no additional charges for any of our plans for any number of articles. The only additional feature we offer today is an upgrade to the GPT-4 AI model for $10/mo extra. You'll have the option to add this to your cart when you checkout if you'd like.

Do I own the output generated by

Yes. You can read the legal details in our Terms of Service, but the short answer is that you own the content you create with and reuse or republish it as you wish.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Yes. Please contact us at with your upgrade or downgrade request. Please note: to cancel your plan you must click the Account button in the top right to do so yourself. It takes 2 clicks.

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